Ostrich Pillows - Cross Between A Pillow and A Hoodie

This weird looking pillow is called Ostrich Pillows.

It looks like a cross between a pillow and a hoodie.

"Well, yes, it's kind of cute, but what's the purpose of this kind of pillow?"

The creator of this Ostrich Pillow wanted to help you to, at least just for a moment, escape the rat race by hiding your head in a hole virtually anywhere. Just like what Ostriches do.

The Ostrich Pillow's design came from Kawamura-Ganjavian, a Madrid based architecture and design studio. The studio has designed a pillow that instead of lying your head on top of, you stick your head into, much like the way an Ostrich sticks its head into the ground. Hence the name Ostrich Pillow. This revolutionary concept was designed for taking private naps virtually anywhere.

The Ostrich Pillow was successfully funded through the Kickstarter crowd-funding program. According to the inventors, Ostrich Pillow provides you with a micro environment in which to take a comfortable power nap in the office, traveling on an airplane, or anywhere you want.

The Ostrich has to find a hole to stick it's head into, but with the invention of the Ostrich Pillow you can actually carry your hole with you. Ha!

Or, I suppose you could carry a shovel too. Your choice, but the Ostrich Pillow looks so much more comfortable.

Don't Want To Look Weird But Want To Sleep Well While Traveling?

This pillow may be comfortable, but if you don't want to get weird looks, you can opt for this more normal looking travel pillow:

J-pillow Travel Pillow - Head, Chin and Neck Support

>>J-pillow Travel Pillow - Head, Chin and Neck Support<<

It has great reviews, and it's cheaper than the Ostrich Pillow. The J-pillow is also winner of the British Invention of the Year 2012/2013 in the consumer category.