Best Pillow for Tailbone Pain - LiLiYo Coccyx Orthopedic Foam Cushion

Liliyo, Coccyx Pillow

Sitting down comfortably when you have a painful tailbone can be near impossible. Finding a comfortable cushion to help with your discomfort can be just as difficult, so when I found out about the LiLiYo Coccyx orthopedic cushion which is said to make you feel like you’re sitting on a cloud, I just had to discover more about it.

Could this cushion be the one that you've been searching for?

The one that will finally ease that agonizing tailbone pain every time you want to take a seat?

Read on to find out.  

What Is It And How Does It Help?

The pillow has been created by the highly respected company LiLiYo, who specialize in designing unique comfort lifestyle products. The LiLiYo Coccyx Orthopedic Foam Seat Comfort Cushion is able to be used anywhere that you sit down - in a chair, in the car, in a wheelchair, on the sofa, or wherever you wish.

Using the cushion results in less pressure being put on the tailbone, which is where so much lower back pain can be felt and originates from.

In addition to enhancing comfort and reducing back pain when sitting, the pillow also encourages a proper posture. All too often, back pain is caused by poor posture. Using the LiLiYo Coccyx Orthopedic cushion, proper alignment of the spine is easier to achieve and this itself can help to prevent considerable spine damage, pressure ulcers and serious back pain in the future. The painful and debilitating conditions that this cushion can help with include general lower back and tailbone pain, sciatica, pilonidal cysts and other conditions.

Three additional bonus covers are provided in the package: grey, black and an inner hygienic white cover. The cover is completely machine washable after you easily remove it with the zipper.

Why Is It Better Than Other Cushions?

There are a number of other cushions on the market today which claim to achieve a similar purpose to the LiLiYo Coccyx.

However, one of the most common and serious problems with most is that the seating pads simply wear down, and this can happen quite quickly if the cushion is used regularly. The outcome of this wearing down is that the cushion no longer has any benefits as the entire shape and support system collapses.

Not only is it a waste of money, but it will be hazardous to your spinal health too.

In contrast, the LiLiYo Coccyx Orthopedic cushion is high density and is made to last thanks to the use of premium orthopedic rebound memory foam that does not become flat when sat on for long periods. Instead, the original shape and comfort is retained for the long term, resulting in maximum spinal support.

Who Should Use It?

Most of us live increasingly sedentary lives - sitting for many hours each day at computers, watching television, in a car or other vehicle. This can lead to discomfort and back pain which only worsens over time. But prevention is always better than cure, and commencing use of the LiLiYo Coccyx even when you don't yet experience back pain can save you years of discomfort down the road.

Sitting down in discomfort, and feeling back pain when you stand up, is a common problem but one that you don't have to suffer with. The LiLiYo Coccyx Orthopedic Comfort Cushion

The company is impressively confident about their cushion, and they offer a 180 day money back guarantee to back it up. This gives excellent peace of mind and allows you to try the cushion out to determine whether it lives up to your expectations.

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