Coccyx Pillows for Airplanes

If you're a frequent flyer, it's very reasonable to buy coccyx pillows for airplanes to avoid tailbone pain when you're sitting on a plane.

Using a good travel pillow for tailbone pain is essential so if you plan to sleep comfortably during the whole flight and you want to wake up rested, you can be comfortable without any tailbone pain.

If you don't fly frequently, but you travel every once in a while as a passenger and you'd like to comfortably rest during that time, it's a great choice for you either!

Just make sure you'll choose the best tailbone pillow for flying.

What are the features of great neck pillow for airplanes?

Similarly to every good travel pillow, a tailbone pillow for flying should be easy to store in the carry-on baggage, so you'll be able to easily pull it out of the bag and get some sleep. If it's an inflatable pillow, it should be easy to both inflate and deflate it.

Once deflated, it should be of small size, so you'd be able to put it into a bag. One more thing, the most important one actually - a coccyx pain pillow for flying must give you comfort while traveling!

So, now you know all that you need to know about tailbone pillows for traveling, let's check out some of the best ones.

However, these coccyx pillows may not completely eliminate your pain while sitting on a plane, so it's highly recommended to get an aisle seat so you can get up and walk until the pain goes away as often as possible

Coccyx Orthopedic Gel-enhanced by TravelMate

 If you're looking for the best neck pillow for flying, TravelMate Coccyx Orthopedic Gel-enhanced is the one you're looking for, hands down. It's an awesome product with a lot of positive reviews that is really worth checking out.

This pillow is perfect to reduce pressure on the coccyx and hip bones while sitting on airplanes. It's really comfortable to sit on and the comfort foam can spring right back into shape as soon as you stand up.

Since this is not an inflatable pillow, it's a little bigger for you to carry, but it has a built-in carry handle on the side so it's very easy to carry.

However, this pillow may lift you up that you may not be able to use your arm rests.

Inflatable Donut Seat Cushion by Dr. Frederick

 Dr. Frederick CushionThis original inflatable donut cushion by Dr. Frederick helps provide you with comfort while sitting on a plane. The rear cutout can relieve back ache by reducing pressure on the tailbone.

The donut shape distributes body weight evenly to provide tailbone relief.

Be sure you have the pillow inflated enough, so it won't be saggy and not strong enough to be a solid supportive tailbone cushion.

Pillow for Tailbone Pain

Are you suffering from tailbone pain? No worries, you could use a tailbone pillow or cushion to get rid of tailbone pain significantly.

The tailbone is the remaining area of the spinal column and is a small bone that is just below the sacrum bone. It is composed of 3 or more small bones that are usually combined together. The main part of the tailbone is slightly concave on the contrary backside part is moderately convex.

The medical term for tailbone pain is “coccydynia” dealing with the tailbone or simply coccyx also refers to pain symptoms nearby of your tailbone. The reasons of Tailbone pain are generally not fixed, but if in case the swelling and signs are not managed, the pain can be chronic.

People with tailbone pain often complain of aching inside and around the coccyx without substantially lower back pain. This backache is associated with sitting as well as being even worse when getting up from a seated posture.

One of the best pillows is the one with a shape or a hole in the middle of the pillow. These pillows might be advisable for individuals who have a bruised or broken tailbone because the design reduces pressure in this region and evenly distributes body weight when sitting.

All sources of pressure from the tailbone and can be utilized to avoid numbness during long time sitting. Ache could possibly be even worse with the people having constipation. Pain can also be experienced during intercourse.

How to get the best pillow for tailbone pain?

To get the ideal tailbone pillows for you, check the weight-bearing load before buying. Some pillows are designed for overweight and obese people and can sufficiently hold weights of 300 lbs (136kg) or greater without flattening out.

Nearly all cases of tailbone pain arise with a subluxated (not dislocated) and hypermobile (severe mobility) coccyx, which results in a deficit of stability that can generate persistent swelling. Different foam materials may be used to make tailbone pillows, but storage foam designs are usually the most admired.

These pillows are frequently sold in high, low, or average prices. High-density foam is commonly regarded as more long-lasting. Get a foam pillow in the store by sitting on it or pressing down with your hand; if the foam is slow to recover, the pillow is likely of better quality.

Bulky people are more prone to develop tailbone pain apart from a posterior subluxation as the coccyx revolves more optimally to reduce the force from falling and sitting.

Ease of use is another important factor to be considered when looking for the best cushions for tailbone pain. There are some pillows made with faux leather that can be one time uses. In general, pillows are prominent in a range of different dimensions from small to large. Smaller pillows may be more appropriate to sit in the vehicle, while a larger cushion might be ideal for use in desk.

To get relief from pain, you may purchase a travel-friendly tailbone pillow. Pillows that include a belt are not hard to carry from one location to another. Inflatable pillows are lightweight and contain a layer of air that is adjustable for proper firmness or may be deflated for storage.

Finding the best pillow for you will not be tough task. Before purchasing your pillow, you should check it. Nowadays, you can easily purchase cushions for tailbone pain online that will save your time and money.

Best Pillow for Tailbone Pain - LiLiYo Coccyx Orthopedic Foam Cushion

Liliyo, Coccyx Pillow

Sitting down comfortably when you have a painful tailbone can be near impossible. Finding a comfortable cushion to help with your discomfort can be just as difficult, so when I found out about the LiLiYo Coccyx orthopedic cushion which is said to make you feel like you’re sitting on a cloud, I just had to discover more about it.

Could this cushion be the one that you've been searching for?

The one that will finally ease that agonizing tailbone pain every time you want to take a seat?

Read on to find out.  

What Is It And How Does It Help?

The pillow has been created by the highly respected company LiLiYo, who specialize in designing unique comfort lifestyle products. The LiLiYo Coccyx Orthopedic Foam Seat Comfort Cushion is able to be used anywhere that you sit down - in a chair, in the car, in a wheelchair, on the sofa, or wherever you wish.

Using the cushion results in less pressure being put on the tailbone, which is where so much lower back pain can be felt and originates from.

In addition to enhancing comfort and reducing back pain when sitting, the pillow also encourages a proper posture. All too often, back pain is caused by poor posture. Using the LiLiYo Coccyx Orthopedic cushion, proper alignment of the spine is easier to achieve and this itself can help to prevent considerable spine damage, pressure ulcers and serious back pain in the future. The painful and debilitating conditions that this cushion can help with include general lower back and tailbone pain, sciatica, pilonidal cysts and other conditions.

Three additional bonus covers are provided in the package: grey, black and an inner hygienic white cover. The cover is completely machine washable after you easily remove it with the zipper.

Why Is It Better Than Other Cushions?

There are a number of other cushions on the market today which claim to achieve a similar purpose to the LiLiYo Coccyx.

However, one of the most common and serious problems with most is that the seating pads simply wear down, and this can happen quite quickly if the cushion is used regularly. The outcome of this wearing down is that the cushion no longer has any benefits as the entire shape and support system collapses.

Not only is it a waste of money, but it will be hazardous to your spinal health too.

In contrast, the LiLiYo Coccyx Orthopedic cushion is high density and is made to last thanks to the use of premium orthopedic rebound memory foam that does not become flat when sat on for long periods. Instead, the original shape and comfort is retained for the long term, resulting in maximum spinal support.

Who Should Use It?

Most of us live increasingly sedentary lives - sitting for many hours each day at computers, watching television, in a car or other vehicle. This can lead to discomfort and back pain which only worsens over time. But prevention is always better than cure, and commencing use of the LiLiYo Coccyx even when you don't yet experience back pain can save you years of discomfort down the road.

Sitting down in discomfort, and feeling back pain when you stand up, is a common problem but one that you don't have to suffer with. The LiLiYo Coccyx Orthopedic Comfort Cushion

The company is impressively confident about their cushion, and they offer a 180 day money back guarantee to back it up. This gives excellent peace of mind and allows you to try the cushion out to determine whether it lives up to your expectations.

Click here to discover more about what the LiLiYo Coccyx Orthopedic Foam Seat Comfort Cushion can do for you!

How to Relieve Tailbone Pain

The tailbone, or coccyx, is the area at the bottom of the spinal cord that holds and shifts the weight of your entire body when you move.

Because this area has so many nerves and muscles, when it is injured, it can cause pain that varies from slight aching to extreme discomfort. Unfortunately, a lot of the time people don’t seek help for tailbone pain and they suffer with it for years, sometimes decades, without looking for a solution.

What causes tailbone pain?

There are several causes for tailbone pain.

The most common cause for this pain is a fall or injury. Many times people don’t realize the extent of their injury and initially believe the pain is from a bruise.

Another common cause of tailbone pain is childbirth. When a woman gives birth vaginally, there can be shifts in the bones. This is one of the reasons more women suffer from tailbone pain than men. Extended sitting and jostling can also cause tailbone pain.

How to relieve tailbone pain?

Thankfully, a lot of times tailbone pain does go away on its own. If the pain persists, however, there are several steps that can be taken to relieve it:

1. Adjusting your posture

If you experience pain while sitting, adjusting your posture can make a huge difference.

A good posture involves sitting up straight, using the back of a chair to align your back, and keeping your feet flat on the floor. This posture helps decrease the pressure put on the coccyx, allowing the muscles and nerves to relax more.

2. Visiting a physical therapist

If your tailbone was dislodged due to an injury or during childbirth, there are ways to move it back into place. Using a physical therapist or a massage therapist can relieve and prevent the pain.

Typically, a physical therapist will help strength the muscles in the coccyx area. These strengthened muscles will be better able to support the tailbone.

Massaging will help any tense muscles and nerves to relax, which can be extremely helpful if an injury caused pinched nerves. Heat and cold are frequently used in these processes to aid in relaxing the muscles.

3. Using specially designed coccyx cushions
Liliyo Cushion

Using a specially designed tailbone pillow such as the Liliyo Coccyx Cushion has been shown to
relieve the discomfort of those who suffer from coccyx pain.

These uniquely designed pillows will cushion you when you sit down, which is when most people experience tailbone pain. The cushion is designed to change the way you sit, so you’re not putting as much pressure on the hips, back, and pelvis.

These pillows have also been used to relieve lower back pain, as well.

4. Taking pain relievers

For those who continue to suffer from tailbone pain, there are pain relievers that can be used to help minimize the discomfort.

While it’s not recommended to use pain relievers habitually, they can aid when the ache become unbearable. There are also prescribed medications that can be used, like anesthetic injections.

5. Surgery

Sometimes, if the condition is bad enough, doctors will recommend surgery.

While this isn’t the case with many who suffer from tailbone pain, it is sometimes the only solution. A surgery called a coccygectomy, or the removal of the coccyx, is sometimes performed on those who can’t find relief anywhere else.

It is, however, an extreme measure and is usually only needed for a small number of sufferers.

Ostrich Pillows - Cross Between A Pillow and A Hoodie

This weird looking pillow is called Ostrich Pillows.

It looks like a cross between a pillow and a hoodie.

"Well, yes, it's kind of cute, but what's the purpose of this kind of pillow?"

The creator of this Ostrich Pillow wanted to help you to, at least just for a moment, escape the rat race by hiding your head in a hole virtually anywhere. Just like what Ostriches do.

The Ostrich Pillow's design came from Kawamura-Ganjavian, a Madrid based architecture and design studio. The studio has designed a pillow that instead of lying your head on top of, you stick your head into, much like the way an Ostrich sticks its head into the ground. Hence the name Ostrich Pillow. This revolutionary concept was designed for taking private naps virtually anywhere.

The Ostrich Pillow was successfully funded through the Kickstarter crowd-funding program. According to the inventors, Ostrich Pillow provides you with a micro environment in which to take a comfortable power nap in the office, traveling on an airplane, or anywhere you want.

The Ostrich has to find a hole to stick it's head into, but with the invention of the Ostrich Pillow you can actually carry your hole with you. Ha!

Or, I suppose you could carry a shovel too. Your choice, but the Ostrich Pillow looks so much more comfortable.

Don't Want To Look Weird But Want To Sleep Well While Traveling?

This pillow may be comfortable, but if you don't want to get weird looks, you can opt for this more normal looking travel pillow:

J-pillow Travel Pillow - Head, Chin and Neck Support

>>J-pillow Travel Pillow - Head, Chin and Neck Support<<

It has great reviews, and it's cheaper than the Ostrich Pillow. The J-pillow is also winner of the British Invention of the Year 2012/2013 in the consumer category.

How To Ease An Aching Back

Anyone who has ever dealt with an aching back understands that all they want to do is find relief. In fact, millions of people are constantly flocking to the internet in hopes of being able to find tips to ease an aching back.

People tend to suffer from a back problem more than any other health related problem. Research shows that as people tend to become older; they will experience some type of back pain.

You may begin to notice your back problems begin as you reach your early 40’s; however the good news is that if you learn how to protect your body you could literally take steps to avoid this problem.

If you are already suffering from this problem and are searching for tips on how to ease an aching back; then you have come to the right place.

Following are some great tips on how to ease an aching back:

1. Type Of Pain: There are several types of back pains that are common among people. It is necessary to determine what type of pain your body has developed because the type of treatment that you use will vary depending on the type of pain you are experiencing.

2. Cause: I have personally been told that when you notice your back begins to hurt sometimes we have no idea what we did to hurt our backs. If possible try to determine what you did to cause the pain; this will help you from damaging it again later on.

3. Strengthen Your Back: If you are experiencing back pain; it could be that the muscles that protect your back are weak. You should try to add daily stretches and activities that are going to rebuild the muscles and add flexibility to them.

4. Posture: This is such a huge thing and we all should be paying attention to how we walk and sit. Keep your head up while you are walking and sitting. Avoid sitting down for periods of long times and if you can not avoid it then give your body the time to stretch for about 15-30 minutes. This will prevent your back from becoming stiff from being in the sitting position.

To learn more about how to ease an aching back, you can learn from Ian Hart, fitness expert and co-creator of My Back Pain Coach.

>> My Back Pain Coach <<

Should You Trust Ian Hart To Help With Your Back Pain?

Click - My Back Pain Coach

“Why should I trust you, Ian?”

That is exactly one of the most popular questions that Ian Hart, BS, CSCS of My Back Pain Coach gets.

If you have read somewhere that Ian was featured on OK Magazine, Self Magazine, CBS, NY1 News, Fox News, Men's Health etc, you should believe that.

I have researched that claim, and Ian Hart really was featured in OK Magazine:

Quoted In OK! Magazine

He was quoted in the February 16, 2009 edition of OK! Magazine.

At that time, he was a personal training manager at Crunch Gym, New York City. He was there from June 2008 to June 2009 and his job was hiring, educating, training, managing and leading personal trainers.

Featured In SELF Magazine

You can find Ian Heart in several SELF Magazine articles.

However, there is one particular thing that makes Ian Hart the person you should trust when it comes to improving your back pain:

His personal experience battling his own back pain for 10 years.

Ian actually fell hard while playing basketball and injured his spine. He also broke a small bone in a vertebrae.

For those who never have suffered with chronic and debilitating back pain, they won't understand how awful the feeling is.

Just like you, Ian tried just about every available therapy and treatment he could find (except surgery), including chiropractors, acupuncture, yoga, pain medicine, and more.

One day, Ian met Bojan (pronounced “Bo-yan”) who forever changed his life. He is originally from Serbia, and earned his Master's degree in Exercise Science from the University of Belgrade (top university in Serbia, also the oldest and largest).

Ian Hart and Bojan in one of the instructional videos of My Back Pain Coach

When Bojan saw there's something wrong with Ian, and after knowing that Ian had back pain, he pulled Ian aside and guided him through 8 simple exercises in less than 16 minutes that amazingly relieved his back pain. Ian's pain was gone, something that never happened after spending thousands of dollars.

You can see Bojan in the exercise videos of My Back Pain Coach.

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In conclusion, Ian Hart is an expert you can trust on.

Check out his informative interview on lower back pain and exercise with Dr. Stuart MgGill here:

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